Cleenol Washroom Products

Cleenol industrial cleaning products are available to purchase on Cleenol have been manufacturing washroom products and janitorial supplies since the mid twentieth century and have prided themselves on providing quality and reliable cleaning materials ever since. In fact, the company now owns and produces a number of other well-know cleaning brands, such as British Nova and Brasso. In addition to providing first class chemical cleaning products themselves, Cleenol also manufacture other washroom and janitorial supplies, such as soap dispensers and scourers.


If you need to purchase any bathroom cleaning products, or perhaps some catering cleaning supplies like washing up liquid, Cleenol are the brand for you. 1st 4 Cleaning Supplies are proud to offer a range of Cleenol products that include polishes, bleaches, floor cleaners, soaps, soap dispensers, gels and furniture polish. We offer great, competitive prices for our industrial cleaning products; with Cleenol washing up liquid from as little as £1.59 a bottle, so if you want to make a bulk order for your own business, our prices will make it affordable for you. To order, simply click through to the product and select ‘Add to Basket’. Alternatively you can always ring us on 0845 555 8889.