Vacuum Cleaner Spares and Equipment

Sometimes you dont need to buy a machine you might just need vacuum cleaner spare parts or equipment. We are adding items to this range however as for now you will find the basic requirements for numatic and sebo vacuums. More often than not it is easier to buy a full set of pipes and floor tool if the machine is in good working order. We sell the black flexi pipes that often splits after a lot of use or is often left near hot pipes and starts to degrade , Sometimes its just after being over streached that the pipe will need replacing. You also require 2 straight steel tubes and a bent handle tube to complete the full set. Floor tools do wear as well and if you find it getting harder to push your hoover head across the carpet it is normally time to replace the head.

We sell sebo vacuum bags for the BS36 Model and also the numatic heppa flow bags for the henry or hettie vacuum. The heppa flow bags can closed up once taken out the vacuum to be disposed of. Do not use your vacuum without a bag inside as this will cause damage to your motor and you will then also invalidate the supplier warranty.