Vacuum Cleaner Machines from 1st 4 Cleaning Supplies

We supply from the major brands such as Numatic , Sebo , Karcher and Woodbridge Viper Vacuum. The most popular product in this range is the Henry and Hettie as they are widley used for domestic households and also in offices , pubs and shops. Sebo is a fantastic vacuum that is used again in domestic and commercial areas such as Nursing homes. Also used by many carpet cleaners the sebo brings up the pile of your carpet and really gives it that fresh just cleaned look. We do many spare parts for these vacuums and you will find these in the section below vacuum spares.

Numatic NRV200 are the industrial version of the domestic henry. They have a bigger capacity but apart from that these are seen more are real working vacuums in areas that see a lot of traffice such as pubs , clubs and hotels. Karcher are a well know brand name in the cleaning industry and well worth a look at their products. For a cheaper alternative you can always look at the viper vacuum as this has the same power motor as the henry and also takes the same bag inside. An excellent alternative to use for a commercial machine.Just click on the product and use the add to basket key to receive your new vacuum by courier.