Personal Protective Products & Equipment

Find your Personal Protective Equipment here at Health and safety equipment is a must when working on site, whether it’s a building site, a working office or factory. Wearing the right masks or gloves could be the difference between doing a job correctly and safely, and doing something incorrectly and putting yourself in danger.


We sell a range of personal protective gloves, suitable for any number of work tasks you may need to carry out. We can offer latex non-powdered and vinyl disposable gloves made by Bodyguards, gauntlet gloves, rigger gloves and household rubber gloves in different colours and sizes, and much cheaper than in your local supermarket! We also sell a range of other personal protective and safety equipment including paper suits, which can protect your clothing when doing dirty jobs, or you can wear the more durable Tyvek suits for outside work.


From being seen, to protecting your head to your feet, we have a large range of health and safety cleaning equipment that will enable you to carry out your job safely and efficiently. Click on More info to see further product details and then select Add to Basket to place your goods for purchase. If you don't see what you are looking for please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.