Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

At 1st 4 Cleaning Supplies we sell kitchen cleaning supplies for using around the household, as well as cleaning products suitable for use in industrial and commercial kitchens. There are many cleaning products that you can use in your kitchen but always make sure that they are tested and passed as food safe cleaners and comply with BS EN 1276. Kitchen cleaning often involves a lot of grease removal, especially in canteens or working kitchens, so you can find a range of industrial degreasers and powerful cleaners from brands like Mr Muscle.

Nilco and Selden are established cleaning brands that supply commercial kitchen cleaning products and are usually used in industrial settings, but can be used to achieve a professional finish in your home kitchen. Nilco Kitchen Grease Buster comes in handy 1 litre and 5 litre containers and can be used on all number of kitchen surfaces and appliances, whilst their 1 litre Stainless Steel Cleaner is ideal for cleaning steel surfaces in and out of the kitchen. You can also find useful kitchen materials like Finish Dishwasher Tablets and Finish Rinse Aid.


Here at 1st 4 Cleaning Supplies we also do our own range of cleaning chemicals for the kitchen area which will provide you with an affordable way to stock up on your kitchen cleaning supplies. You can buy online here by just clicking add to basket and then you can choose the 3 day or overnight delivery option. If you are local to us in Bricketwood, please pop in and speak with our sales team to purchase your products.