Wholesale Cleaning Detergents and Materials

Here at 1st4cleaningsupplies we provide industrial strength products and detergents to help you clean. You can use these products at home if you wish to get that professional finish to the job. Most of these products come in 5Ltr containers and you need to read the instructions for use. Most cleaning companys will carry these products as cleaning supplies as they do many different jobs. Selden and Johnson Divesey do an excellent range of products such as Strongarm and Lifeguard Cleaner Disinfectant. You will find Degreasers and Detergents here and if you have a area to clean and not quite sure what to use please feel free to email us here for advice.

Selsolv is a universal maintenance cleaner that instantly cuts through grease and grime and removes tobacco stains from paintwork and ceilings at a wipe.This can be diluted down to a trigger spray so dont waste your time and energy using a cream cleaner when this will do the job in an instant. Also excellent for removing Heel marks from floors or walls so used a lot in schools , waiting rooms , hotels and kitchens. Selscale is an acid cleaner descaler which needs to be used with ventalation as the fumes can be very aggressive.