Floor Strippers from 1st 4 Cleaning Supplies

At 1st 4 Cleaning Supplies we have quality floor strippers, emulsion strippers and other floor cleaning supplies that are designed to specially eliminate the toughest of dirt, soil, grime and wax build-up from floors. Our products are designed in such a way that they are easy to use for a wide variety of applications; perfect for intensive cleaning projects or quick floor stripping and cleaning jobs. All of our products are made by trusted brands and will save you time and labour with your floor care. From British Nova Emulsion Stripper to Johnson Diversey Polish Stripper, you should be able to find the right floor stripper product for you.


1st 4 Cleaning Supplies is operated by people who have the knowledge and expertise in the cleaning industry to easily cater to over 500 clients. We offer quality cleaning products, janitorial materials and cleaning equipment at reasonable rates for any type of cleaning job.


You can order any of our cleaning products online. Or if you live close by, you can collect from our outlet based in Bricketwood, Hertfordshire. However, we conduct most of our business online, so if you have any queries, you can reach us at 0845 555 8889 or you can write to us at info@1st4cleaningsupplies.co.uk.