Floor Care Pads for Cleaning Machines

Choosing the right floor care pads for your cleaning machines is very important – whether you want to remove marks, clean stains, scrub or buff a specific floor surface; you’ll need to choose the right floor care pad for the job. Our range of floor care pads for cleaning machines come in different colour schemes to enable customers to discriminate between which colour pad should be used for which specific floor care task.

For instance, the Contico black pad can used for used for slow speed removal of old metallised floor polish, while the Contico green pad can be used for heavy duty cleaning floor care jobs. It can also be used for removing deep scuff marks and spills on the floor finish. Similarly, the Contico blue pad can be used for heavy spray cleaning or moderate scrubbing, the Contico red pads for restoring shine to your floor and the Contico white pad for dry buffing a floor to a high sheen.

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