Cloths, Sponges and Cleaning Equipment

All cleaning companies will need cloths and sponges to be able to complete their work at some point. Cleaning supplies are not complete without a range of your colour coded cloths to be able to separate your area's of work. Our most popular cloths are the Mighty Wipe cloths and they come in packs of 10 and come in the 4 colours. You are able to wash these cloths a number of times so no need to use them as disposable items. We also sell the expanding sponge which is a jumbo sponge that is vacumed packed and expands 7 times it's size upon contact with water. The expanding sponge can hold up to 10 times its weight in water and is excellent for cleaning and mopping up sillages as well.

Bleached dishcloths come with an red or blue edging so you can keep them in the right area of your business. Just click add to basket and choose the colour you require and these can be deivered to your door on a overnight or a 3 day courier service. All Cloths and Sponges and Scoures are of a high quality as we pride ourselves here on the quality of product. Zincote Scourer are mainly used in the kitchen. 

Terry Towels

From £14.95 Each

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Bleached Dishcloths (pack of 10)

From £2.40 per pack of 10

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Flicka Duster

From £3.67 Each

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J Cloths

From £5.99 per pack of 50

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Micro Fibre Cloths

From £1.15 Each

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Mighty Wipe Cloth - (pack of 10)

From £2.85 per pack of 10

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Sponge Scourers (pack of 10)

From £2.70 per pack of 10

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Yellow Dusters - pack of 10

From £2.65 per pack of 10

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