Car Valeting Products and Equipment

Car valet supplies are availble at we specialise in providing a range of top quality chemicals and cleaning agents. From our own lable products to Selden Research. Autostyle car shampoo is ideal for all cars and in fact is recommended as body shop safe. Wash by hand to remove soil without leaving streaks on the car or vans. No matter what vehicle you are cleaning either inside or out these products are fantastic. Other products that are used in the car valeting products range can be found on our site such as Nilglass glass cleaner from Nilco and a range of Microfibre cloths in 4 different colours.

Always use car cleaning care products that are designed for vehicle's as other may cause damage to the paintwork. Rubber sheen gives your car that new look for the tyres and you can also use it to clean and make new rubber mats or bumpers. TFR is know as Traffic Film Remover or Truck wash in the car valet supplies trade.You will find other items such as buckets and even pressure washers by karcher on website. Just click on the product that you require and add to basket to purchase these products.