Carpet and Leather Protection Products

Buy your carpet stain protector products and leather cleaner supplies from us here at These quality carpet protection products help to maintain the look of your carpets and protect against stains and marks. You can use items like Fluoroseal Plus, a commercial carpet stain protection product that will give your upholstery protection against spills and markings, especially from water and oil-based spillages.

In addition to carpet stain protection products, we also stock a range of leather protection supplies, including Prochem and Craftex leather cleaners and conditioners which can be used to bring the leather back to life in your home or car. Antiquax Leather Soap and Cream are also brilliant products to use on all types of leather items. Antiquax Leather Cream is a blend of natural lanolin and waxes; it will protect and preserve your fine leather furniture and is also ideal for use on other leather items such as handbags, briefcases and shoes. All you need to do to use this leather cleaner is apply to leather and leave for about 30 seconds and wipe off with a dry, soft cloth.

Why not take a look at the rest of our fantastic cleaning range in the carpet care section and find other great carpet cleaning materials, such as furniture foils and foam blocks that will stop you transferring stains from wooden items and metal items onto carpets. Click on any product below to see more information and add to your basket if you wish to purchase. Remember, 3 day or overnight delivery services are available at the checkout.