Shampoos Dry Foam Defoamers

In this section you will find carpet shampoos , dry foam shampoo and defoaming agent. Carpet shampoos are used mainly to freshen up carpets on a routine basis.Prochem Extraction Plus is a low foaming carpet shampoo that can be used in any type of extraction machine. Bonnet Buff is an effective spray cleaning agent used with bonnet buffs on a rotary machine. Johnson Diversey do the Enhance Low foam carpet cleaning extraction fluid that smells of a clean citrus odour , they also do the dry foam enhance shampoo. Here at 1st4cleaningsupplies we do our own label extraction carpet cleaning liquid with a florel smell if you wish to buy where margins are tight.

British Nova do a couple of carpet cleaning products that sell well. Novasteet anti static  is a product used mainly in the office enviroment to stop electrical shocks transfering from the carpet to door handles etc. Defoaming Agents are to be used everytime you use your machine on a job otherwise you can find that the foam that builds up in your machine could damage your pumps and motors that can turn into an expensive repair. Click on the product and add to basket.