Carpet Cleaning Pre Sprays

At 1st 4 Cleaning Supplies we can offer a large range of carpet cleaning pre-sprays for your carpet care. Pre-sprays are widely used in domestic and commercial carpet cleaning to treat carpets before they are cleaned with a carpet cleaning machine. Our pre-sprays are made by Prochem and Craftex; experienced and trustworthy brands for wholesale carpet cleaning materials. You can find a range of carpet shampoos, fabric cleaners and degreasers with which to pre-spray your carpet.


Products such as Prochem Multi Pro and Trafficlane are very popular items, are very easy to use and are great at getting rid of grease. You can also try using Microsplit from Craftex as a spot cleaner on any carpet or upholstery marks, as well as using it as a pre-spray carpet cleaning productCraftex also do a powdered enzyme pre-spray which can be used to remove almost any stain from fabric surfaces. Whatever wholesale carpet pre-spray product you choose, it is always best to rake your carpet to separate the fibres as much as you can and make sure beforehand you always vacuum the carpet. This is because you don’t want the carpet cleaning machine to be picking up loose dirt and small items that your vacuum is better at dealing with.


Once you have applied your chosen pre-spray (it’s best to use one of our pump up sprayers that you can find in the Carpet Care section), leave the pre-spray to do its work on the carpet. Your chosen pre-spray will start to loosen grease and grime, and work into any stains that are on the carpet surface. Once you use your carpet cleaning extraction machine, making sure to use fibre and fabric rinse to bring the PH level down, your carpet will look much cleaner and feel much better. You should also always remember to use a deodoriser to give your carpets that just-cleaned, fresh smell.